Faker will choose Oriana as the champion skin instead of Ahri

After T1 became champion Worlds 2023, one of the biggest concerns of fans is which champion T1 members will choose as their champion skin. Especially for Faker because after many regrets, it took 7 years for the Demon King to return to the throne.


Faker has 3 champion skins with champions Zed, Syndra and Ryze. Meanwhile, the champion team’s players can only choose the champions they used in the tournament CKTG to make champion skins. So Azir, OrianaSylas, Ahri and Akali will be the candidates to have the opportunity to make skins this time. Initially, the T1 mid laner expressed that he would probably choose Ahri because this is a champion that many gamers love.

However, in a recent livestream, Faker said he was leaning towards Oriana. This makes a part of fans disappointed. Partly because they were sure that Ahri would be called, partly because this is the champion they like and play often.

Fans had mixed reactions to Faker’s comments

Another part of gamers supported Faker’s decision, because Ahri has always been considered his “favorite”. Riot Games. Developer of League of Legends has released many skins for this champion and will likely continue to do so in the future. For comparison, Ahri currently has up to 17 skins, while this number in Oriana is only 11. Considering how often Faker uses this champion in this year’s World Championship and his entire professional career, Oriana is sure Definitely a reasonable choice.

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