Fainting with a copy of Super Mario Bros. Rare, selling price peaked at 46 billion

During the pandemic when many people were forced to stay at home because of quarantine and distancing orders, the demand for collecting in general and collecting video games in particular has continuously increased. Typically, countless transactions with sky-high prices continuously appear in just a few short months. Yesterday, the world’s most expensive game record was just broken after only a few weeks of being established.​


Copy Super Mario Bros. This was sold by the collection website Rally to an anonymous buyer at a price reaching the roof of 2 million USD (nearly 46 billion VND). Rob Petrozzo, one of Rally’s co-founders, said the clone was produced in 1985 for the original console. Nintendo and has never been opened, which is a rarity for older games.

According to Petrozzo, interest in collecting old games has increased significantly in recent years, but many old game cartridges have been opened and played, which causes them to lose value. Very few Super Mario Bros. cartridges. Which is preserved in as good condition as the copy they just sold. It is rated up to 9.8 A+ on the Wata scale, which is also an important factor to push the price of the game cartridge so high.​


Records for the most expensive game in the world have been continuously set and broken many times in just the past 2 months. In early July this year, a 1987 Legend of Zelda game cartridge shocked many people when it was traded for up to 870,000 USD, but that same month, this record was broken by a copy. Super Mario 64 Made in 1966 for $1.56 million. This copy held the record for a few weeks before ceding the throne to the “superstar” mentioned above.​

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