Explaining the reasons behind the incredible success of Helldivers 2

After Palworld then Helldivers 2 This is the game that will sweep the world of gaming in early 2024. Launched less than 2 weeks, Helldivers 2 has become one of the 5 most popular games above Steam currently with more than 400,000 concurrent players over the weekend, surpassing other famous names such as GTA 5, Starfield, Counter-Strike or Destiny 2… Although there are still some problems due to the number of players accessing the game. The access is too crowded, but this still cannot affect the enthusiasm of the gaming community for this game.


So what is the reason behind the success of Helldriver 2? Surely each gamer will have a different explanation for this problem, but according to Youtuber Pyo5, the reason Helldivers 2 is so popular cannot be separated from the following factors:​

  • The game was launched for 40 USD (about 919,000 VND) in all regions, which is not a cheap price, but the game offers a rich amount of content, making the price of 40 USD reasonable. Reasonable and attractive for gamers who love the titles copyrighted games.​

  • The game itself possesses unique and equally realistic gameplay. Title shooting game home Arrowhead Game Studios takes players into battles with bombs and bullets, here, fighting and winning is not easy. Players will have to worry about factors such as accidentally shooting teammates or managing ammunition stocks… similar to a real-life battle.​

  • Don’t put too much emphasis on the in-game transaction model (Microtransaction). As you know, Microtransaction is always a “common enemy” that gamers hate. When the form of “pay to win” appears, the difference between players will be created according to the amount of money they spend instead of the issue of skill, this invisibly greatly affects the player’s game experience. Play well, even the balance of the game is a problem.​


Besides, there are a number of other secondary factors that contribute to the success of the game. These include effective communication and connection between developers and the gaming community; Healthy game environment thanks to the main mechanism being PVE instead of PVP like many other games in the same line on the market…

Developer Arrowhead Game Studios also said it will quickly release updates on PC and PS5 this week to resolve the most serious issues players are experiencing such as login, matchmaking and loading errors. owner… The first patch will be updated today (February 20).

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