Exclusive interview with Guild Royal – Gunny PC’s 2023 Guild War champion

At the end of August, the match between two equally talented teams, Royal and Æ 9 Years Old, officially took place within the framework of the competition. Guild War 2023 belong to Gunny PC. Competing in the tournament is an opportunity for Guilds to prove their collective talent and sophistication, so each Guild War season always attracts hundreds of teams to participate with investment and refinement through each season. year. This season is considered more attractive thanks to the gathering of many new faces, innovative rules that increase the competition and strategy of the players. Guild Royal quickly became the focus of the competition day, proving its tenacity and putting the reigning 9-Year-Old Champion in a difficult position.


The united warriors proudly won the prize

Throughout the 2023 Guild War, Royal continuously maintained its performance and maintained high rankings across all competitions. The ticket to the final was not beyond the expectations of Royal and the audience watching the competition, but whether Royal could defeat the defending Champion was what the entire Chicken Kingdom was anxiously waiting for. The meeting of Royal and Æ 9-Year-Old in the final is considered a match full of fate, like re-enacting the final moment of last season. The difference is that this year, Royal quickly gained an advantage and took the lead from the first games, but after 5 consecutive hours of play Royal was still “scratching” to be able to fully compete with an opponent of equal talent. me.

Players from Guild Royal participate in the 2023 Guild War

Winning 3-2 against the defending champion and achieving the highest ranking, Guild Royal is proud that the team achieved an even greater achievement than proving solidarity. Representative of Royal, the Guild owner, expressed: “The most successful thing about the Guild is sharing and connection. At any tournament, the Guild participates with the spirit of wanting to interact and devote their best. Thank you members for this special spirit and affection.”


It was known that one day before the finals, a member of Guild Royal was unfortunately hospitalized due to a health condition. Before this moment, the Guild Master told about the plan at that time: “The last 6 warriors tried to complete the mission given to them by the Guild. We are proud of this victory and this title, which is a little luck and a lot of effort from the whole team.” In favorable or unfavorable circumstances, Guild Royal has shown solidarity and strong commitment to the collective goals. This made the community even more admiring and together with Royal affirmed that “the title of Thien Ha First Guild 2023 is completely deserved”.


Royal Roof – play hard, compete hard

With experience leading the team in countless previous tournaments, Gunner Nha – Guild owner determined that it was necessary to invest in preparations to achieve the highest goal of Guild War 2023. Each member is a member. Geographic locations, time zones, and jobs are different, but the way they arrange tasks is extremely scientific and reasonable. Along with that, the mentality of “knowing others, knowing yourself, wins a hundred battles” has shaped a highly focused mindset, not being wary of any opponent but not being too arrogant.

The gifts are prepared by the Guild owner to encourage the players

Guild Royal had a successful season as expected, with an investment in capacity and funding of up to 100 million VND. The whole team also had no shortage of hours of intense practice but full of friendship, encouragement and telling funny stories to “boost” each other’s spirits. The owner of Guild Royal also expressed: “We also have the thoughtful support of the Organizing Committee of Guild War 2023. The brothers from the Ga Dua, Ga Phi Vu and Ga Dien Vo servers participate in training at the Stagging server throughout. 14 days of competition, helping to improve the team’s performance.”


After the tournament, the Guild owner also sent the community a thank you for the warm support and the game’s management board before the meaningful playground just now. Guild members are planning to go offline so they can meet to celebrate this victory, which is also a way for the whole team to keep the fire and affection for Guild Royal and Gunny PC alive.

Great Guild War 2023 – the fighting pinnacle of the PC Gunny Chicken Kingdom

In addition to congratulations for Royal, the Chicken community congratulated Gunny PC for successfully organizing the big tournament and bringing the community such unforgettable emotions and experiences. During the tournament, discussions about each round and each Guild took place enthusiastically on the community group, all fueling the fire for the Chicken Kingdom to become more and more vibrant, cohesive and battle-hardened. Guild War is always the tournament every Gunny PC team aspires to compete in, because the title of the First Guild of the World is a prestigious affirmation of their strength.


Gunny PC has officially completed 14 years of operation in the Vietnamese market and can easily do what many other games leave unsaid, which is connecting the community, drawing players closer together. After the success of the recent tournament, the Gunny PC board of directors promises to bring even more exciting tournaments and community activities, satisfying the expectations of the entire Kingdom for a meaningful and exciting entertainment experience. Chicken country.

Gunny PC – the top coordinates shooting game in the Vietnamese game market.​

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