Everything you know about Judas – BioShock’s spiritual successor

It’s been over a decade since the game BioShock finally released and still no official sequel has been announced. However, it seems that fans of the game series will be able to somewhat reduce their “desire for sequels” thanks Judas, a game that resembles BioShock in every way except the name. Judas was created by none other than Ken Levine, the father of BioShock. First revealed during The Game Awards in 2022, Judas has been eagerly anticipated ever since. Here’s everything we know about BioShock’s spiritual successor.



Judas was developed by Ghost Story, the studio founded by Ken Levine, the father of BioShock. Fans can therefore completely trust this young studio, because Ken Levine certainly would not want to personally destroy his life’s masterpiece.



Judas has now released two trailers. The first snippet was revealed during The Game Award 2022, mainly to introduce the game’s sci-fi setting.

The most recent trailer debuted during Playstation’s January State of Play recently, giving players a deeper look at the game’s gameplay and story.

Release date

Judas has yet to reveal a release date. According to a February 2023 statement by Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, the game is expected to launch in March 2025. However, a year has passed since that statement and there is still no further information. regarding the release date from the developers, so nothing is certain.


Judas will launch on PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam, as well as Xbox and Playstation 5. There’s no word on a Switch version at this time, but if Judas launches in 2025 it will likely be released on Switch 2 also don’t know.



Judas’ backstory remains a mystery. It seems to lean more towards science fiction than any of the BioShock games, reminding people of the System Shock series. A post on the PlayStation Blog after State of Play has a description of the game and its central setting:

“The corridors of the Mayflower, a spacefaring city where citizens are trained to stalk and tear each other apart for the slightest offense. Where machines control every aspect of business, art, and government. The ship’s leaders have tried to turn you into something you’re not: a model citizen. And you sparked a brutal revolution to destroy it all.”


Through the trailers, it can be seen that Judas is heavily influenced by BioShock. That makes perfect sense when Ken Levine is the director of both games. The State of Play trailer shows us that Judas will be a first-person im-sim shooter that has all the hallmarks of a BioShock title. The protagonist holds a gun in her right hand while her left hand is equipped with various forms of energy attacks, similar to BioShock’s Plasmids. The game will likely require players to balance gunplay with the power to interact with the environment and enemies. Basically, if you like BioShock then you’ll definitely like the gameplay of Judas.


In the same PlayStation Blog post, Levine also indicated that Judas would feature a more non-linear story than his previous games, writing: “We wanted to create an experience where the decisions and how the story plays out are up to you. Because you, as Judas, are the ones controlling every event in the story with a new cast of characters to learn about — and change — in ways you’ve never experienced before in our games. I.”

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