Enotria: The Last Song – Soulslike game with Italian beauty


Soulslike seems to be a game line that exploits a variety of settings: from Steelrise revolving around France and robots, Lies Of P inspired by fairy tales to Lords Of The Fallen for those who love moths and lamps. cage. And soon, another game will expand the context of this difficult game genre. That is Enotria: The Last Songa Soulslike inspired Italy with vibrant colors.

Enotria still has the typical characteristics of the Soulslike series with dodging and blocking gameplay as well as enemies being able to put pressure on the player’s health bar. Many Soulslikes games prioritize developing combat elements and omit the importance of things like plot, levels… But developers Jyamma Games is adding more things to help Enotria improve in all aspects.

In terms of gameplay, character skills are tied to masks, in which players can switch between three masks quickly. Each mask has its own skill tree, with a free reset option. Additionally, Enotria also allows players to computationally swap environmental states using white orbs called Ardore. A little learning from Lords Of The Fallen in revealing hidden parts of the map. Ardore can add depth to world exploration.

The Italian game will surprise gamers in terms of aesthetics. Enotria’s world is painted with fading murals, sun-drenched villas and roads stretching on both sides of sunflower fields. Enotria: The Last Song could be the perfect summer game when it releases on June 21 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC.


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