Elden Ring’s first expansion could be released in February next year?


According to a new merchandise listing from one retailer, expanded version Shadow of the Erdtree belong to Elden Ring likely to release in February 2024. Specifically, retailer Datablitz has posted details regarding its upcoming Elden Ring-themed controller Thrustmaster. The post was quickly removed afterwards.

The website states that the department handle will be released in February 2024 to coincide with the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion as well as the second anniversary of Elden Ring’s launch. Additionally, the retailer also mentioned a second controller release in 2025 to coincide with a new game expansion or a major event.


Shadow of the Erdtree was announced in February of this year and has been since then FromSoftware no further details were revealed other than a concept art designed to help players get an overview of the expansion’s content.

Elden Ring producer Yasuhiro Kitao recently shared some information about Shadow of the Erdtree. In an interview with Game Watch, Mr. Kitao said development of the expansion is progressing well, but fans should not expect Shadow of the Erdtree to launch in the near future: “It will take a while.” It’s going to be a short time but development progress is going smoothly. Like Bloodborne, the DLC will bring new battles and characters.” FromSoftware’s parent company Kadokawa also announced this month that DLC development is progressing smoothly.


Elden Ring had an update last December that opened up multiple Colosseums scattered across the map, allowing players to engage in PvP battles including duels, freestyle, and team fights. team.

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