Download Demo Than Trung – Chilling Vietnamese horror game by Team Dut

Posted on his personal page a few days ago, Mr. Dung CT – project development team leader – confirmed the current version. Demo God of Worms It has now been completed and uploaded to Steam. Just wait for approval before gamers can download and play. And Steam also seems to know how to choose the zodiac hour when in the middle of last night, the demo download page officially opened, helping you feel deeply the horror of playing ghost games late at night.


According to Mr. Dung, this is a “homegrown” product made by 3 brothers in DUT Studio, so there are many mistakes. It is inevitable that errors will appear in the demo, so the team is looking forward to receiving comments from the community.

The demo is not long with the same setting as the trailer released in March, but has been greatly improved in both graphics and gameplay, and has also added voice acting. General, God of Worms is receiving a lot of attention and positive reviews from the community. Although the duration is only 10-15 minutes, some gamers said it took up to 40 minutes to complete, while others said they could only play for exactly 1 minute because… they were too scared to continue pressing.

Looking at the initial responses, Than Trung is definitely a title horror game Pure Vietnamese is very desirable. Download the Than Trung Demo version for free, please visit the following link:​

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