Dota 2 community beware – Valve will no longer support 32-bit Windows


Dota 2 will stop supporting some legacy technologies in the near future, including 32-bit operating system. In announcing the update ahead of The International 10 tournament, Valve announced the removal of some old hardware devices that have been supported by Dota 2 until now. “To keep the game and Source 2 engine fresh, we are planning to discontinue support for some older systems and configurations. We will make changes over the months,” the publisher said. next.”


Specifically, Dota 2 will no longer support 32-bit operating systems, macOS versions below 10.14, DirectX 9, OpenGL and XAudio. According to Valve’s announcement, eliminating old technology will allow them to efficiently carry out game development as well as take advantage of new API features to provide a better quality Dota experience. The above move may be a carefully calculated decision, because Valve owns a lot of data about players’ computer configurations through hardware surveys on Steam.​

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