Do Toc 2 trend “From Mixi With Love” covers social networks, everywhere you see beautiful girls dancing extremely well

On the evening of August 7, 2021, Patriarch Mixi Degree Officially released new MV”Do Toc 2” on the Youtube platform. This is a product he has been planning since April 2020, with the appearance of a series of famous Vietnamese rappers such as Phuc Du, Phao and the remix for Masew perform. When the MV premiered, there were 266k viewers at the same time and up to now, the MV “Do Toc 2” still holds the top 1 on the trending tab with more than 18.2 million views.


Recently, this MV still retains a certain hotness on social platforms other than Youtube, among them are Tiktok. Because of the extremely catchy EDM music created by the professional hands of Producer Masew, it is no wonder that the chorus with the familiar slogan “From Mixi With Love” of Do Toc 2 quickly became popular. Not only tribal members but also music lovers dance to covers.

Below the cover dance videos, it is not difficult to see comments like the above. However, as many comments compliment the girls as being beautiful and good at dancing, there are also many comments calling for the “channel owner” (Ms. Trang Miu, wife of Do Mixi Patriarch) to make a trending video.

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