Distant Bloom – Lost on a strange planet, I have to grow trees to save the world

After a long journey through the void of space, the ship you are on suddenly lands on a strange planet. But when you step outside, what you see is not a lush paradise filled with life like you observed through a telescope back home, but an environment destroyed to the point of desolation. . This is also when your journey in Distant Bloom officially begins.

Now, your mission will be, along with your teammates and loyal robot Kei’ki, to find out why this planet was destroyed and find a way to restore its original environment. During your journey, you will encounter many biological communities with unique flora and fauna that are specific to the terrain.

Sharing about the inspiration for developing the game, Katherine Brave Entertainment said:

There are many things you can do with Distant Bloom, such as managing resources, collecting raw materials and seeds as well as upgrading your settlement, tools, building relationships with companions .

Currently, the game has officially launched on Steam with a 10% discount, only 234,000 VND. Players can also download the Demo version of the game for free to experience it before deciding to buy the game.

Players can download the game at:

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