Developer Palworld apologizes for fixing a bug that players loved in the new patch

Usually, if a game has errors, players will be happy when the developer can find and fix them. But that’s not always the case, when there are unintentional errors that will create interesting ways to play, and even become a “feature” that everyone loves. With these types of errors, no one wants them fixed, and developers obviously understand that. However, because they are bugs, their existence in the first place is inherently an “incident” beyond the control of the developer, and can completely disappear in a regular update. often.


Recently, Palworld and Pocketpair encountered such a “half laughing, half crying” situation. In Palworld, a bug exists that allows players to capture extremely OP tower bosses with a specific series of actions. First, you need to activate the “wanted” status and be chased by police NPCs everywhere on the map. At this point, teleport to one of the towers, enter, and do not attack the Boss. Move skillfully so that the police NPCs hit the Boss, then you can throw the Pal Sphere and capture them. Immediately after this error was discovered, it became a “feature” loved by the whole community, as these tower bosses are not only extremely powerful but also have an extremely stylish appearance.


With everyone’s love for this error, Pocketpair obviously understands that they should not “touch” them. However, in the recent patch, they accidentally “fixed” them alongside a series of other problems, such as Pal getting stuck in the environment, enhancing the experience, making the game run smoother … Everything is great, except for the “inadvertent” mentioned above, causing Pocketpair to hastily apologize for accidentally fixing the error in the game.


Pocketpair’s apology came very promptly, causing the community to burst out laughing. The sincerity of the developers is accepted by the community, making everything more acceptable. A fan of the game wrote: “Oh my God, say sorry for correcting the mistake? This is new! But next time let’s keep those “fun little incidents” like that, okay?”

Many people even joked that they didn’t know it was a bug but thought it was a feature. And although it’s unfortunate, that “feature” is no longer available in Palworld.

Even though a bug loved by the community was removed from the game, it didn’t have any impact on Palworld’s popularity. The game recently surpassed 25 million players, and is still at the top of the most played games in recent days, despite being released for more than a month.

To read the details of Palworld’s newly updated patch, players can visit come in.

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