Determined to “break” the game, Elden Ring players were “killed” by the boss more than 5,000 times

Launched in 2022, Elden Ring was a resounding success FromSoftware receiving recognition from both the gaming community and professionals, bringing home many awards, including “Game of the Year” by The Game Awards – the award is considered the “Oscar of the gaming industry”. Besides the unique graphics and gameplay, one of the factors that make this game famous is its “difficulty” enough to make every gamer cry.

In China, recently the story of “overcoming difficulties” of an Elden Ring gamer has been widely spread and received the attention of many gamers. It is known that it took this gamer 26 days to defeat Elden Beast – the final boss of phase 2 of Elden Ring. During that process, the male gamer was defeated by the Boss 5,571 times. In the video shared at 3 a.m., he shared that this also caused him insomnia. Every time he livestreamed, he was “eaten up” by the Boss and it would last all evening.​

The male gamer posted a video at 3 a.m. to “confess his suffering” to viewers

Before that, this gamer also had to lie down 3,537 times before defeating Radagon (Boss at the end of phase 1). So it can be said that the player mentioned above had to play over and over again nearly 9,000 times for his boss-killing mission.

After sharing, his video attracted tens, even hundreds of thousands of views from the gaming community of billions of people. Many people expressed their admiration for the male gamer’s perseverance and determination. There are also opinions that this player does not level up, does not enhance equipment, but only plays vegetarian, so it is difficult to blame him for being defeated by the Boss many times.​

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