Depressed by the loss of 7 billion, the male gamer was advised by the owner of an internet cafe to rebuild his life

On June 23, a video of a boss appeared online internet shop Tried to chase his customers home, attracting a lot of attention from the online community. More specifically, the reason behind his actions was not because the gamer broke up, caused chaos or stole money, but because he wanted that person to rebuild his life.

The above story happened in Nanchang city (Jiangxi province, China). According to the owner of the internet cafe, the male gamer repeatedly failed in business investments, eventually losing nearly 2 million yuan. (7.1 billion VND), at a young age but having to shoulder a large debt. Too depressed, he escaped to an internet cafe and stayed there for 3 months. Even when his mother came to find him, he refused to go home.

Not wanting to see the young man continue to decline, the shop owner decided to send him home. At the beginning of the video, you can see him decisively pulling him from his seat. The two even had a dispute, but in the end he still smoothly took him out of the shop. The owner said that he had failed many times in business, and it wasn’t until he opened an internet shop that he felt more stable. He also did not forget to advise the young man: If you don’t experience failure, you won’t be able to succeed. After your life has improved, I invite you to come here again.


The boss’s actions received enthusiastic support from netizens. Many people commented that the boss is a sober person, knows what money to make, and is not greedy for small immediate profits. Hopefully the young man can quickly regain his spirits so as not to disappoint his boss’s sincerity.

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