Demon Slayer’s reputation is so terrible, he saves an entire company from bankruptcy

As reported by Mainichi News, facing the problem of serious decline in consumption in the vending machine market, the instant can coffee company DyDo Drinco in Osaka has found its solution. That’s anime Demon Slayer.

So how can Demon Slayers help a coffee company sell? DyDo Drinco was extremely timely when it launched a line of coffee products printed with images of the anime Demon Slayer in October 2020 – the time when this anime was about to premiere the movie Endless Train (which later became the anime with highest revenue of all time, surpassing Spirited Away). This product line has up to 28 different can designs and is only sold in vending machines. Many fans, who already have a collecting spirit in them, decided to buy the full set of this product, so the campaign was extremely successful, helping DyDo Drinco sell more than 100 million cans of coffee during the period from October/ 2020 to spring of this year.


DyDo President Tomiya Takamatsu said:

In Japan, a type of tobacco passport card, called Taspo, is now issued to determine the age of the purchaser and limit underage tobacco use by young people. People who want to buy cigarettes at vending machines must have this type of card, so to make things faster, people have switched to buying at convenience stores. Cigarette plants are often placed next to drink vending machines. Fewer people buy cigarettes, which has also led to slower sales of canned coffee because many people have the habit of buying cigarette + coffee combos. Along with that, having to compete on prices with convenient cafes has caused vending machines to decline from 2013 to present.


Before DyDo Drinco, there were quite a few brands that collaborated with anime brands, for example, Asahi Soft Drinks used to sell canned coffee with Lupine III and Attack on Titan designs, and Coca-Cola Japan’s Georgia canned coffee. The packaging has a Gundam image printed on it,…

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