Deadpool suddenly reappears – Reacting to the movie he starred in

Recent character Deadpool belong to Ryan Reynolds has officially appeared in the Marvel cinematic universe in an unexpected way. Ryan Reynolds dressed up in Deadpool’s signature clothes to appear in the promotional video for his new movie Free Guy. The video also features an appearance by Taika Waititi, Ryan’s Free Guy co-star and director Thor: Love and Thunderthe actor who played Korg in Thor: Ragnarok.

Earlier last month, Ryan Reynolds hinted to fans that he was going to be Deadpool again and now we know exactly what that means. This is a historic milestone marking Deadpool’s transition from the old X-Men franchise to the Avengers franchise. Deadpool is also the only character confirmed to have been “imported” from 20th Century Fox to Marvel Studios.

At the beginning of this year, Kevin Feige also officially confirmed that Deadpool 3 is being produced at Marvel Studios. Ryan Reynolds will once again return to the lead role of Wade Winston Wilson, and he will also participate in writing the film’s script. Kevin Feige also shared more about Deadpool 3:


After Deadpool, many fans have hope Hugh JackmanRyan Reynolds’ real-life best friend, will also be joining MCU as Wolverine. A photo of Jackman meeting Kevin Feige recently appeared online, further raising the hopes of fans.

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