Dai Hiep Run Away – The first roguelike game set in Kim Dung in Vietnam

Great Knight Run Away is a roguelike action game with the theme of Martial Arts. In the game you will transform into a swordsman wandering in a world full of chaos and carry the mission of bringing peace to the world. This is considered the Vietnamese version of Survivor Master and will be distributed by NPH MGOL in the Vietnamese market.


Participating in the game, players will begin their journey around the world and learn techniques from many different sects, pursue their cultivation journey and become a talented swordsman.
But to do that, players must encounter and defeat dozens of enemies, to train and improve their abilities, gradually becoming the best in the world.


The Roguelike genre is probably no longer too strange to gamers in Vietnam. It is a quite difficult game genre with the mechanism that if you die you have to start over from the beginning (permadeath) and randomly generated levels require players to be highly concentrated. For the game Dai Hiep Run Away, not only do you need the above skills to move flexibly to escape the encirclement of enemies appearing on all sides, but players also have to coordinate reasonable moves to increase the character’s strength. object

Your survival depends on your patience and ability to quickly assess situations.

Currently, Dai Hiep Run Away has opened pre-registration for gamers who promise to receive gifts. Besides, the publishing team also organized a promise event with many attractive gifts both ingame and outgame for gamers.


The pre-registration event is a stepping stone to prepare for an explosive official game launch day.

Pre-order the game has opened, more game benefits are waiting for you to come get it!​

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