Cross your eyes with the super-accurate 3D printed map of GTA V, which took more than 400 hours to complete


This cool 3D map of GTA V was created by Dom Riccibene and is going viral on Twitter. This guy’s day job is as a product designer, who often uses real-world data to create accurate 3D printed versions at different scales. But due to the pandemic, Dom couldn’t go out and continue his work. For fear of losing his job, he decided to recreate the virtual world of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption II in his free time at home. .

Dom’s plan is to create a high-resolution dataset of both GTA V and RDR2, then use this data to make a giant 3D physical map, perfectly scaled to the virtual world. The guy said the process was “a technical challenge”.


Specifically, Dom explained: “To start, I use a custom script to scan the terrain and buildings in RDR2 and GTA V. It will run in the game to collect ground elevation within a radius 500-1000 meters around the player and an additional 1,000,000 data points per scan”. Because the map in the virtual world does not appear all at once, Dom had to scan each area “by hand”, estimated to take about 100 hours of game play to collect all the necessary data.

After having 500 million in-game coordinates in hand, identifying them with actual coordinates on Earth, Dom created a complete elevation grid. Then the guy used his software and tools to start printing the map. It sounds simple, but in reality, each map cell takes an average of 1 hour to 3D print, but there are cells with complex terrain with many buildings or different heights that can take up to 12 hours to print.


After completing GTV A’s map, this designer’s next plan is to perform the same process to produce the RDR2 map.

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