“Content business” on social networks is increasingly “on the rise”

Nowadays digital content is a very popular entertainment method. With a variety of different genres such as Short Videos, Livestream, VOD (Video on Demand), short films… Digital content has been bringing viewers great entertainment experiences. Among them, short videos are the most popular content. Attract the attention of up to 66% of users, 2.5 times more engaging than long videos.

Units digital content business largely includes content production and monetization on free platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok… With an impressive growth rate of 4.53% annually, the revenue of social networking platforms is It is predicted to reach 247.30 billion USD by 2027. This is a bright future that brings many opportunities for content creators and producers. But to gain a foothold in the minds of the audience, units need to have appropriate and different directions.

Each social media platform has different operating policies. Community rules to control the content users can share, including rules about violence, incitement, and product copyright issues. In just the first 6 months of 2023, Facebook removed 2,549 posts, 12 accounts, and 54 advertising pages; YouTube removed 6,101 videos, 7 channels and TikTok removed 415 links and 149 accounts that violated the above standards.​

Content removed by the platform for violating community standards. Photo: VN Review

In order for shared content to easily reach viewers and bring in high views, content producers need to firmly grasp the operating regulations and algorithms of each social network. At the same time, distributing content to the right audience is the “key” to optimizing advertising costs while still earning high views.

According to Mr. Pham Ba Duy – CEO OTA Network (Ecosystem for leading content creators in Vietnam): “To succeed in the field of content business on social networks, units need to do well in both producing and distributing content to customers. viewers”. But in reality, there are very few organizations on the market that can operate effectively in both of these aspects.

Understand the concerns of creators and content producers after the event The Cocktail Talk – Sip Of Spirit Organized by OTA Network, it has updated many interesting information on this issue. The event is an opportunity to meet and connect with many content creators such as: Eyeplus Media, T&G Media, Nguy Minh Khang Digital… Through it, issues of seizing opportunities and exploiting opportunities will be shared. The effectiveness of digital content is also revealed.​

Sharing space at the event The Cocktail Talk – Sip Of Spirit. Photo: OTA Network

As an ecosystem for Vietnam’s leading content creators and possessing a strong community and thousands of influential content creators in the field of Games and Entertainment, OTA Network is proud to be a bridge. trustworthy, bringing content from production units and content creators to reach millions of young audiences and bring positive value to the community.​

OTA Network is a reliable partner that helps content producers exploit effectively on multiple platforms. Photo: OTA Network

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