Compilation of all the trailers shown in Sony’s January State of Play

State of Play Sony’s January just took place with countless great teasers of attractive games. Let’s take a look at all the trailers shown in the show with GameHub!

first. Dave the Diver


Dave the Diver finally arrives on the PlayStation platform. This time, he even found Godzilla.

2. Death Stranding 2 On The Beach

Kojima’s Death Stranding 2 On The Beach is definitely the center of attention in this show. The game offers an immersive trailer that shows off more of the story and the vast world players will get to roam around.

3. Dragons Dogma 2

Players will participate in fierce battles with legendary creatures. Dragon’s Dogma II looks like it’s shaping up to be an excellent sequel to the original 2012 action RPG.

4. Foamstars

The game has wasted a lot of ink in the press because of the label of “copying” Splatoon. The game looks like it’s worth a try, and will “land” on PS5 and PS4 this February.

5. Helldivers 2

The co-op shooting game to destroy alien monsters will be released on February 8. A game worth experiencing with friends during Lunar New Year.

6. Judas

From the creators of BioShock, Judas looks to deliver action that’s both satisfying and bizarre.

7. Legendary Tales

The medieval hack-n-slash VR game Legendary Tales gives players epic hack-and-slash action with ghostly creatures. It’s worth a try if you’re not overwhelmed by VR.

8. Metro Awakening VR

The VR version of Metro Awakening will be available on PS VR 2 in 2024.

9. Physint

Continuing, Hideo Kojima, along with PlayStation studio head Herman Hulst, introduced a little about his next game besides Death Stranding 2. Physint was described by Kojima as “the pinnacle of (his) work.” ” about the game for decades now.

ten. Rise of the Ronins

The trailer gives a broader look at the world and combat of Rise of the Ronin. Players will not only have to fight enemies that use swords and guns, but there will also be a few other scary surprises.

11. Silent Hill 2 Remake

The anticipated remake of Silent Hill brings a dark and spooky atmosphere through the trailer. Have you played the original Silent Hill 2? Will you try this remake?

twelfth. Silent Hill The Short Message

Silent Hill The Short Message gives players a very PT feeling, and that is definitely good news for horror game fans. Even better news is that it’s free!

13. Sonic X Shadow Generations

Sonic and Shadow will return in SEGA’s next game. The game will be released this fall.

14. Stellar Blade

The trailer gives us a closer look at Stellar Blade, introducing the post-apocalyptic Earth and the many characters who will join Eve on her journey. The game will allow players to fight hand-to-hand or with guns, with upgradeable skills.

15. Until Dawn

The horror game Until Dawn will have a re-release on PS5 and PC in 2024.

16. V Rising

The original game was released on PC in 2022. This time, V Rising will reappear on PS5 in 2024.

17. Zenless Zone Zero

The Hoyoverse universe continues to expand with Zenless Zone Zero, promising to make gacha addicts cry again because their wallets are empty. The game will launch in late 2024.

18. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth


The sad news is that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth did not appear on the show this time. However, the good news is that on February 6, 2024, we will be watching another State of Play. The program promises to bring a closer look at the second chapter of the Final Fantasy VII remake project.

Above are all the trailers that were shown in Sony’s January State of Play. Which game do you pay the most attention to? Which game will you play? Please discuss with us at:​

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