Chinh Do Origin officially explodes on mobile: Reviving the legend of National War with EFUN CORP

When the heroic drums sound, people’s hearts are filled with old passion. And now, it is no longer just a distant memory. Conqueror Origin – EFUN has recreated a once legendary playground, officially reunited with mobile players with a new look, unchanged attraction, by EFUN CORP – a giant in the mobile gaming industry. At exactly 14:00 on March 6, Conqueror Origin – EFUN has been officially released.


Let’s explore the spectacular revival of the National War game series, a once-popular strategic role-playing game, now reborn as a mobile game by EFUN CORP, stirring up the hearts of players for generations. Quoc Chien is not only a game, but also a part of youth, historical battles, where millions of hearts sympathize and beat in unison on each front line.


Chinh Do Origin – EFUN is not simply a transformation from PC to mobile. This is the sublimation of technology, the celebration of digital game art, where 2007 standard graphics and legendary music will once again conquer players. You will experience a classic game space but no less smooth and flexible on modern mobile devices.


The unique feature of Conqueror Origin – EFUN lies in the large-scale national battles, where each giant army is controlled by the player’s intelligence and bravery. It is a tactical challenge, a race of wits and talent, an opportunity for you to prove the bravery of a king and a true leader.

For the 8x and 9x generations who were once fascinated with heroic matches on PC, Chinh Do Origin – EFUN is the bridge for them to rediscover their favorite feelings of the past. The fact that the game is about to be officially released in early 2024 is exciting news for the gaming community. And to update the latest information, don’t forget to follow Chinh Do Origin’s Fanpage – EFUN, where not only attractive information but also special rewards await players.


With meticulous care from EFUN CORP, Chinh Do Origin – EFUN promises to be a new phenomenon in the mobile gaming industry. Are you ready to participate in this legendary battle? Prepare yourself to recreate golden memories, to write new pages of history on the battlefield of the National War right on your smartphone.

Chinh Do Origin – EFUN was officially licensed No. 1754/QD-BTTTT on September 12, 2023.

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