Chinese Esports movie makes netizens angry because it insults the true spirit of Esports

Falling Into Your Smile (You’re Most Beautiful When You Smiling) is the latest drama to take on the topic Esports of Chinese screens, after famous names such as Love at First Sight, All-Professional Master, Go with You to the End of the World or Stewed Squid with Honey, …


Adapted from the novel When You Smile by author Thanh Nuoc, the film is about the popular game League of Legends (LMHT) performed by many famous young actors such as Hua KhaiTrinh Tieu, Trach Tieu Van, … I thought the above factors would be a convenient stepping stone for Falling Into Your Smile to become this year’s hit movie, but no, the movie is being heavily criticized for having too many absurd details, plagiarism scandals and distortion of the original image of Faker.

Players are willing to… sell sex to flirt with girls

As soon as the first episode aired, Falling Into Your Smile had to “receive criticism” from not only the audience but also the gaming community. The reason is because the male supporting character, Gian Duong (Trach Tieu Van), wanted to flirt with the female lead, Dong Dao (Trinh Tieu), and threw the game, giving the victory to team crush. If it were real life, this player would definitely have been investigated and banned for a long time, but he wouldn’t be able to brag like in the movie.

Gian Duong: “… If you want, I can let you win the 2nd and 3rd games.”

After the match ended, Gian Duong even declared to the beauty that he was willing to bet on her as many times as he wanted. It was this segment and cheesy love story that caused the film to face a strong boycott, with many people believing that the director and screenwriter did not understand anything about Esports and were insulting the true spirit of Esports. main. They are building the image of characters who are willing to throw games, sell bets, and betray teammates and audiences just to achieve personal goals.

Esports movie but it’s all about love

Because of the above details, the League of Legends fan community in particular and Esports in general are condemning the film for taking advantage of the topic of Electronic Sports as a background for the love story of the main characters. The spirit of Fair-play, the effort to practice, the will to compete for the national flag, the desire to win,… are not seen in the first episode of the movie, as well as the original work.


Instead, there are love stories, the players of one team flirt with the female players of the other team, after the game ends, they take a break to talk about love, the men don’t care about their teammates but just wholeheartedly play the role of marshal. , …

Faker and Faker were caught in a scandal Team WE.


In the original novel When You Smile, author Thanh Tuoc was also accused of distorting Faker’s model. Specifically, Faker’s Chinese name is Ly Thuong Hach, the character in the story is named Ly Quan Hach with many similarities to the Demon King in real life, but is portrayed as an arrogant character, contemptuous of others. weak,… and a villain for the main characters to overthrow.

In the story, the male protagonist Luc Tu Thanh is a member of an Esports team called Team WE and coincidentally, in real life there is also a Team WE competing. Author Thanh Nuoc added a lot of drama and controversy to Team WE in his work and observant netizens realized that these details were taken from false online rumors about Team WE Auth version. This has caused the image of Team WE to be somewhat affected in real life.

Falling Into Your Smile has just taken its first steps so we can’t say anything yet. Hopefully the next episodes of the movie will convey the eSports spirit that fans want to see most.

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