China’s “reincarnated valedictorian” shocked everyone with the No. 1 machine in Asia

If you are interested in C-Biz news, readers are probably no stranger to the name Vuong Tu Thong. With a popularity not inferior to any top star in the country of billions of people, this guy has been given many beautiful nicknames by netizens such as “the richest young master in China” or “the reincarnated valedictorian”. …


Vuong Tu Thong is also extremely famous for his willingness to spend. Recently this young master has made many gamers and streamers lose their eyes when he built the number 1 system in Asia and number 4 in the world. The configuration of this system includes Dell R7525 motherboard, 2 AMD EPYC 7763 processors supporting 64 cores and a total of 128 threads, 3 Gigabyte RTX3090 24GB graphics cards, 32 64 GB DDR4-3200 RAM sticks (total capacity 2 TB), 16 PM 1643 30T SSDs, 4 PM1733 15T SSDs and 5 Intel Optane P5800x 1.6T drives. Not only that, China’s richest young man also pulled out an exclusive fiber optic network with a speed of 5Gbps to ensure his PC runs as smoothly as possible.

This set of machines cost Vuong Tu Thong a total of 3.5 billion. But the expensive price is not the only difficulty when building this system. It is known that Dell motherboards are very difficult to buy, Vuong Tu Thong had to buy it in the US then send it to Hong Kong, and finally ship it home. specifically in Shanghai.


For those who don’t know, Vuong Tu Thong is a former WXZ shooter and team owner Invictus Gaming, so it’s not difficult to understand why he’s interested in such a high-configuration device. For a young master who is willing to spend up to 200 thousand yuan (about 705 million VND) per month just to shop online, spending 3.5 billion on his favorite computer system is certainly not difficult at all.

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