Chien Dia opens download, quickly ‘date’ with Miss H’Duyen and bag exclusive Vinfast Theons

At 9:00 a.m. tomorrow (March 19), the blockbuster MMORPG Western Fantasy 3D – Chien Dia will officially be introduced to Vietnamese gamers. To make the reunion with ambassador Miss H’Duyen at Bao Phong citadel go smoothly, from now on, gamers should download the game right on the Appstore and Google Play. With just one simple step, search for the keyword ‘Chien Dia’ on the 2 stores or download the game ‘in 1 minute’ using the link below:​

Besides experiencing the unique and attractive features of the game. The Chien Dia race track will become even more fierce when NPH Dzogame launches a series of extremely HOT TOP Racing events taking place from March 19 to March 25, players will have the opportunity to own valuable gifts. with a total prize of up to 2 BILLION VND.​

Top 1 will own an exclusive Vinfast Theons motorbike

Race to the top of the guild, the whole team receives gifts

Top Couple race to hunt for double diamond rings

If you don’t know, Chien Dia is a mobile game imbued with Western culture with top-notch graphics and extremely vivid sound. Players will explore an expansive world, fighting against the dark powers of four forces, five sects, and seven races. With two parallel worlds – Myth and Legend coexisting, creating interesting experiences for players.


The skill system in the game is very diverse, including five classes: Mage, Swordsman, Gunner, Gladiator and Magician, with hundreds of skills for each profession so players can develop in their own style. me. Besides, the game also offers many attractive PVP features such as Bang Chien Lien Server, Lien Duoc Vocation, Tam Dau 3V3 and many other PK modes. These things have created uniqueness and appeal, making Chien Dia stand out from other pure MMORPGs. This is truly an experience not to be missed for gamers passionate about this genre.​

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