Chien Dia is confident in the quality of the product without needing beta testing and has a fixed release date

This action not only demonstrates confidence in product quality but also reflects Dzogame’s commitment to player satisfaction. This decision further increases the excitement and expectations from the gaming community. However, what makes many people curious and want to learn more about the reason behind this bold decision of Dzogame.


Product quality is our top priority Battlefield

One of the highlights of Chien Dia is its investment in product quality. Instead of spending time on opening testing and adjusting, the operations team decided to focus on progress so that Chien Dia launches to players sooner. They spend a lot of time and effort perfecting every detail in the game without having to conduct beta testing. This demonstrates confidence in the operations team’s abilities and ensures that players will experience a well-rounded, quality Battlefield.


The difference of Chien Dia compared to current mobile games

Compared to its competitors, Chien Dia stands out with a series of notable differences. First, the game uses advanced graphics technology, giving players vivid, clear images. The landscape, characters and BOSS are designed extremely sophisticatedly, creating the feeling of participating in a real war. Furthermore, Battlefield possesses a unique and engaging storyline, with hundreds of messengers and monsters in large inter-server battlefields. With two parallel worlds – Myth and Legend, Battlefield brings a unique experience so players can feel the spatial and temporal sounds of another world getting closer and closer. Finally, the gameplay of Chien Dia is also an attraction for players. The combination of strategy and role-playing creates a fresh and challenging experience. The skill system of Chien Dia is extremely rich, providing players with the freedom to develop and customize characters with 5 main professions: Gunner, Demon God, Executioner, Mage, and Fighter. . Not limited to how to build equipment, each profession also comes with hundreds of skills for players to develop according to their personal style. You can also explore the game world and participate in activities such as BOSS hunting, inter-server battlefields and many more.


Great gifts for players

Even though it launched earlier than expected, Chien Dia did not forget to prepare many attractive gifts for players. This is also one of the reasons why many gamers are eagerly waiting for the game’s release. In addition to the gift set worth 20 million VND in the early registration period, many activities in the early stages of the game are invested in by NPH Dzogame such as extremely valuable gift sets. up to 2 billion VND including Vinfast motorbikes, PNJ Diamond rings and many ingame items… This is also a way for the operations team to express gratitude and welcome the first players who have accompanied and supported Chien Dia throughout the period. last time.


Expectations from the Vietnamese gaming community

With previously revealed information and images, Chien Dia has attracted great attention from the Vietnamese gaming community. In particular, the decision to not need a beta test and set an earlier release date has made many gamers feel curious and want to experience it soon. This shows strong expectations and trust from the gaming community in Chien Dia. If you are curious about this game, make an appointment to download the game on March 18 and become one of the first gamers to experience Battlefield by registering. HERE!

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