Check out the 12 games with the most bugs released in 2023

2023 is a really strange year for the gaming world, including all types of games from the best like Baldur’s Gate 3 to “waste” like Skull Island: Rise of Kong. However, today, we will not discuss the quality of the games, but simply evaluate them based on the number of bugs they had when released.

first. Atomic Heart


Let’s start with the game that has made countless gamers discover themselves “very interested” in not only mechanical girls, but even a talking refrigerator. The quality of the game is actually not bad, but sadly, when it first launched, it was one of the most buggy releases of early 2023. Players have encountered a series of problems , like characters getting stuck, save files being completely corrupted, weapons not working… On top of that, some serious problems even make gamers unable to continue playing. The game is much more stable now after dozens of patches, but the early days of Atomic Heart’s release were an absolute mess.

2. Crime Boss: Rockay City


Crime Boss: Rockay City is a game with a lot of potential and a bit of eccentricity, but numerous bugs and glitches at release held it back from going very far. Belonging to the first-person shooter genre that incorporates roguelike elements into a single-player campaign, Ingame Studios’ title has encountered many problems, from interactable objects suddenly becoming uninteroperable, to bugs that cause clothes to magically be removed, or gunfire that repeats endlessly even when not fired… I have to say, Rockay City’s early release was actually pretty bad. Subsequent patches and updates seem to have stabilized things, but bad first impressions are hard to fade.

3. Forza Motorsport


Forza Motorsport, the reboot of the popular game series, didn’t seem quite ready for racing when it was released in October. Turn 10 Studios’ latest racing simulator had a lot of problems when it came to racing. debut. Some players reported crashes during matchmaking, after practice, and while changing maps. Others complained about previously fixed bugs, such as one that somehow reset player progress, having returned. And frame rates drop exponentially, especially on PC, right when the races are getting intense and intense. It’s not a fun time, especially for Forza fanatics.

4. Mortal Kombat 1 (On Switch)


This seems to be a foretold fate, when a latest generation Mortal Kombat game launches on Nintendo Switch, the “oldest” platform among current consoles. The optimal capabilities of NetherRealm’s latest work for this handheld device is a big question mark. That question was answered on September 8 when the game launched, and it was a very bad answer. Animations and cutscenes take a long time to load, frame rates drop frequently, character models look like wax figures… In short, compared to the two versions on PlayStation and Xbox, Mortal Kombat 1 on Switch is definitely the best. An experience that no player should try, no matter how much you love Nintendo’s console.

5. Pay Day 3


Starbreeze Studios’ bank robbery simulator is a real disappointment, especially when compared to its predecessor. The game encountered many problems when it launched, especially the online matchmaking feature causing the game to crash and disconnect the server. The developer immediately apologized and promised to fix the situation in October. Since then, many updates have been released and solved quite a few problems.

6. Redfall


Arkane is mainly known and loved through role-playing simulation games (immersive sim) such as the Dishonored or Prey series. This year, the company decided to take a leap of faith with the multiplayer-focused vampire shooter Redfall, and sadly, it’s terrible in nearly every aspect. Without discussing content or gameplay, Redfall had countless bugs when it launched, characters often ran in place even though the player didn’t press a button, frame rates dropped sharply during combat, enemies just stood still in battle, Bad AI, terrain penetration, bullets that do no damage, intermittent sound… It’s all a mess. Overall, this is a forgettable experience, for both Arkane and gamers who accidentally spent money to buy the game.

7. Skull Island: Rise of Kong


One of the most mentioned names at the end of the year in a way that couldn’t be worse, not to mention the poor quality of the game, Skull Island: Rise of Kong is a collection of all kinds of bugs. Stuck in walls, going through terrain, disappearing environments, misspelled UI… All in all, it’s not an exaggeration to say that this is a game that shouldn’t exist in 2023.

8. Starfield


It’s impossible to create a list of broken titles without including the names of Bethesda’s games, so it’s only natural that Starfield is in this article. From common errors such as character models becoming weird, AI being silly, mission errors that prevent players from completing… to more “sublime” things like a planet that is in fact just a photo jpg when you fly directly there, or the city and forest follow the player to the end of the universe… Not only that, the game sometimes crashes, or even frequently, about once every hour. Perhaps, it’s time to stop using the phrase “It’s a Bethesda game” to justify the company and force this developer to be more considerate with his children.

9. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is an interesting game that excels at inheriting what its predecessor did. However, when it was first released, the game was such a mess that many people couldn’t play it. In addition to minor errors such as problematic character models and lag, what makes players extremely uncomfortable is the frequent decrease in frame rate, especially with the PC version. Many gamers even describe the game as being like a stop-motion animated movie. Fortunately, up to now, the developers have solved most of the problems and made the game gradually regain its worthy foothold.

ten. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum


Another one of the worst games of the year besides Skull Island: Rise of Kong. And obviously, no worse than its companion, Daedalic Entertainment’s game also has countless errors, from big to small. Keys sometimes don’t work, frame rate drops, lighting and textures flicker randomly… those are just a few of the game’s nameable problems. In general, the best thing players can do with this game is not play it.

11. The Last of Us Part I (On PC)


Sony’s PC ports usually do quite well, but The Last of Us Part I is an exception when it comes to Steam. Horrible character models, blurry colors, frozen NPCs, characters floating in the air… All of them make the PC port of Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic zombie survival masterpiece a forgettable experience. , especially for those who want to revisit memories of the original game.

twelfth. The Walking Dead: Destinies


If you don’t know, The Walking Dead: Destinies is also developed by a studio under GameMill Entertainment, the company behind the creators of Skull Island: Rise of Kong. No exception, the game is also full of errors like its counterpart. Characters that should have been killed still reappear, enemies get stuck or go through walls, game crashes or crashes are common occurrences. Obviously, the fact that GameMill Entertainment only hires small studios and forces them to complete the game in a hurry is the reason why the games under their banner are filled with errors.

Above is a list of 12 games with the most bugs this year. Some have been fixed, some are still unplayable… all are the result of sloppiness and lack of time in the release process. 2023 is almost over, hopefully in the remaining half of the month, we won’t have to add any other names to this list.

Oh, I forgot, there is no The Day Before on the list, because Fntastic’s game could no longer be purchased before the author could get his hands on it.

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