Chat with Lucasss – The Streamer almost turned to become a professional player

Like many other friends of the same age, young man Lucasss are trying their best to develop their career. However becoming Streamer – a profession that is still facing a lot of prejudice, is not easy. Today GameHub had the opportunity to chat with Lucasss to learn more about the interesting things and challenges he faces in his profession. Let’s listen to the story of this Hanoi boy.


Reporter: Hello Lucass, can you tell GameHub readers a little about yourself?

Hello readers, as you know, I am Lucasss aka Do Manh Cuong. This year I have spent 22 springs in this capital city and am still a senior student preparing to prepare for life. I have many hobbies, including soccer. Every week I usually spend 1 to 2 days playing soccer with my friends and if I hadn’t been a Streamer, I probably would have followed the path of professional soccer by now.

Reporter: You are attached to your work livestream for how long?

Now I have been working for more than a year, achieving certain achievements and communities. Although not many, I can still call myself “Mom’s little Streamer”. I’m still trying to continue sticking with it for a while longer (Laughs).

Reporter: Before following the Creator/Streamer path, did Lucasss do any other jobs? What made you quit your job to become a Streamer? Facebook Gaming?

Before following the path of becoming a Streamer, I tried many careers so that when I graduated, no one could call me a new mat anymore. Livestream came to me like a coincidence, on a beautiful day I decided livestream games I showed it to my friends and after that live, I decided to stick with this profession.

Reporter: According to my research, there are currently quite a few livestream platforms, such as Youtube Gaming, BooYah, Nimo… So what made you choose Facebook Gaming as a “launching pad” for your career?

Facebook is an indispensable platform in everyone’s daily life, thanks to which I can reach viewers more quickly, this is what I aim for. When joining Facebook Gaming, I met and got to know many cute people who always help me when I have problems.​


Reporter: During your career, what interesting things do you find this job brings to you? And conversely, do you encounter any difficulties?

For me in particular, it has helped me from someone who had difficulty communicating and making new friends to someone who can confidently stand in front of the camera and talk in front of many people. Every livestream day is a happy day for me because I get to share my day’s experiences with viewers as well as listen to their day. As for the macro aspect, it helps me practice the specialized knowledge I learned in college, which is how to build my own brand (I studied business administration).

There are many difficulties, there is no one around me who works in this field, so I always have to research and learn on my own, create relationships and do everything on my own, etc.

Reporter: When you decided to pursue this job, did you receive support from your family and friends?

It is not true to say that it is not supported, but it is not true that it is supported. When I knew I was going to do the job that everyone now does, my family and friends worried that I would have a hard time finding a place. But even if I don’t get support, I will still try my best.

Reporter: So how did you make your family, especially your parents, as well as those around you, believe in your decision?

When I held in my hand the salary I earned from this job, no one said anything to me. Because every job is a job, as long as you earn money honestly, there’s nothing to worry about, everyone.

Reporter: After becoming a Streamer, what changes did Lucasss have? For example, about personality, health, relationships?

This job has a lot of impact on my health, as everyone knows, sitting on a screen for 1-2 hours is very harmful to my eyes, but here I have to sit almost 24/7, some days I live for almost an entire day. Can’t get up from the table. So every week I have to spend one day offline so I can go out and play soccer to exercise again.

It’s also hard for Minh to have private time to hang out with friends. If I want to go offline on a certain day, I have to post it to the group first so viewers don’t have to wait for me. Being a Streamer is not as easy as people think.​


Reporter: Thank you for your answer. Before saying goodbye, do you have any words you want to send to everyone as well as young people who want to follow your path?

No one can value your dreams and no one can stop you from achieving your dreams except yourself. So young people, do what you want, don’t wait until you’re old and you’ll regret it. Finally, I would like to thank Gamehub for giving me the honor to be here and share my thoughts.

Thank you Lucasss for agreeing to an interview with GameHub today, may your career be even more successful in the future!

Interested readers can follow Lucasss’s livestream at:

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