Chaperone – A young man who, for money, has to look after corpses in a haunted house

Living with the dead sounds terrible, but this custom still exists in some ethnic minorities in some countries, including Vietnam. A few years ago, we still saw press reports about the H’Mong ethnic group living in some northern mountainous provinces still keeping the custom of keeping the deceased’s body in the house for many days, even feeding them food. Drink like normal people. Burial for them has many taboos, they must find a priest, choose a good day, and a prime location to be buried, otherwise the family, clan, and even the village will have to bear the burden. suffer the consequences and disasters.


In Chaperone, people believe that corpses will help stabilize their spirits and protect them from evil and evil forces. However, to make the corpse less “lonely” in the long, lonely night, they need a companion. This person could be a family member or anyone who is willing to do this scary job to earn money. As a “companion”, the player will spend a night with the deceased in this house. As soon as the sun shines, a mysterious sect will come to take the corpse away.​

Of course, the story is not as simple as that because this is not a normal house and the cause of death of the corpse lying there is also full of mysteries. Why is the atmosphere in the house so creepy? Who is the body lying there? Who killed? How to kill? Players need to find the answer to appease the ghosts in the house before the other side comes. If you don’t complete the mission before dawn, you probably won’t be able to leave this place alive.


Chaperone’s gameplay is quite simple, players just need to check nooks and crannies to collect objects and put pieces of the story together. With a title indie games Cheap, Chaperone does quite well in terms of graphics and sound, bringing a suspenseful horror atmosphere throughout the game. However, the plot is not highly appreciated. The idea is good, but because the game is short, the story is quite superficial and has no depth. The game’s narration also has many errors, causing players to sometimes be confused and not understand the developer’s logic. Ignoring the above shortcomings, Chaperone is an indie game worth trying.

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