Celebrate Super Sale 11.11 – The biggest and only sale season of the year for OMG 3Q VNG

OMG 3Q – VNG is the ultimate strategy card game from publisher VNGGames. After 6 years of accompanying Vietnamese gamers, OMG 3Q has become a place where gamers share their common passions about fighting generals, Three Kingdoms, or simply entering the game regularly to “fight and receive gifts immediately”. everyday”.


Responding to the bustling atmosphere of the 11.11 Super Sale season and the approaching Black Friday, OMG 3Q – VNG immediately launched a discount event of up to 50%. Only taking place for 3 days November 9 – November 11, Super Sale 11.11 is OMG 3Q’s biggest and only discount in 2023.

Let’s take a look at the items that are most sought after by OMG 3Q gamers this sale season!

Fashion collection at all levels: Purple Metal, Dark Metal, Red, Orange. In particular, Tu Kim Fashion is the second high-end fashion line in the game, second only to Thai Kim Fashion, the world champion. Fashion items in OMG 3Q – VNG have a variety of themes and styles – from ink paintings, dynasties, to high-tech effects, football – that can fully meet the preferences of players. .

General’s Diary is one of the most sought-after items in OMG 3Q – VNG. Dien Tang sets will change the character’s appearance and skill performance animations, especially bringing many additional stats to the character, increasing their strength when going into battle.

Each Divine Beast has its own skill, appearing once per battle turn. Each time the Divine Beast appears, it will launch a normal attack to the entire opponent’s squad, with a certain chance of becoming an attack skill that causes higher damage. The Golden Beast is currently the highest level of Beast in OMG 3Q, with increased skills and qualities that turn into gold.

With the Book of Beauty, gamers can summon beautiful and powerful beauties from the Three Kingdoms to help fight. Each beauty has her own skills and effects, helping champions have more effective strategies to win. Beauty Books appearing in the 11.11 Super Sale will include levels: Purple Metal, Dark Metal, Metal, Red.

To participate in Super Sale 11.11, OMG 3Q – VNG gamers need to accumulate Vouchers and regularly check the Shopping Cart at the event to exchange for super hot items in the game. Visit https://omg3q.onelink.me/8pov/sale1111 now to “hunt for sale” with OMG 3Q – VNG.

It is expected that in the near future, OMG 3Q – VNG will also entertain gamers with many other interesting and exciting events. Don’t forget to update the latest information about OMG 3Q – VNG at the homepage https://omg3q.vnggames.com/ and the community https://www.facebook.com/omg3q.vnggames ​

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