Call of Duty will automatically turn off when the player uses the aiming assist tool


Activision said the anti-fraud technology of Call of Duty – Ricochet will now close the PC game application if it detects that the device’s mouse and keyboard have enabled software/tools stare and shoot. Ricochet works on both Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone.

Specifically, the developer said: “Our security detection system currently targets players who use tools to enable aiming assist when using mouse and keyboard. Call of Duty will close if detected by the system. Repeated use of the above tools may result in more severe measures against the account.”​


Aim assist is one of the hottest topics in the competitive shooter community. These tools are designed to help Console players control the weapon’s crosshair on the target, and the crosshair can even move and track players on the opposing team. Aiming support is not available to mouse and keyboard players, who benefit from speed and precision from their PC.

Call of Duty players have been using third-party hardware like XIM and Cronus Zen to benefit from aim assist and reduced recoil when using mice and keyboards for years. Last year, Activision said Ricochet would detect use of the tool and would impose bans on repeat offenders. The publisher’s latest move is said to be aimed at reWASDan increasingly popular control software used to create a virtual controller, thereby enabling aim assist in games.


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