Buy now the 1 million action game Immortals Fenyx Rising for only 2 cups of milk tea

You are a fan of the titles action adventure game? Are you interested in legends about the gods? If so, Immortals Fenyx Rising will be a choice worth experiencing for you. Okay Ubisoft Released in December last year, the game quickly received quite positive feedback from both critics and the gaming community.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is set Greek mythology when Typhoon – the most dangerous Titan in history, escaped from Zeus’s confinement after millennia and recreated the world according to his will. Typhoon attacks the Olympian gods and steals their powers. Players will take on the role of Fenyx, a mortal girl who must shoulder the responsibility of defeating Typhoon and rescuing the gods from a dark curse. During this process, you will also have to confront legendary monsters like Cyclops, Medusa or Minotaur…


Players will experience fast-paced aerial battles with powerful enemies as well as collect and combine weapons bestowed by the gods to increase their strength in battle. Besides fighting, you can also solve ancient puzzles and explore the game’s vast open world.

Currently Immortals Fenyx Rising is being sold at a 90% discount above Steam, from 990,000 VND reduced to 99,000 VND for the standard version. The Gold version of the game is also sharply reduced by 90%, to only 165,000 VND. This promotion will last until November 14.

Readers can buy the game at:

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