Blue Lock: Blaze Battle – Game adapted from the famous soccer manga officially launched

After the success of the manga Talking about king sports like Tsubasa, Fantasia etc., the Japanese manga market has had to endure a drought of quality works about this sport for a long time. Only when Blue Lock appeared, with a new approach to football, the work written by Kaneshiro Muneyuki and illustrated by Nomura Yūsuke, has partly revived this once extremely attractive manga genre. Thanks to that huge success, Blue Lock quickly became a famous brand with many follow-up works, including the game Blue Lock: Blaze Battle is one of the most outstanding products.

Blue Lock: Blaze Battle takes players to the story of Japanese football after losing at the 2018 World Cup. After this disastrous defeat, the Japanese team faced many difficulties in regrouping. A question arises, what do they still lack to win the championship? Finally, they realized that the Japanese team had all the qualities but lacked a key striker who could lead them to victory. Therefore, the Football Federation launched the “Blue Lock Project”, gathering 300 of the best young strikers from all over Japan. The goal is to create one and only one striker who is always “thirsty” for goals and can create a decisive turning point to turn the whole match… So which “I” is outstanding enough to take a unique position? there? And can 300 young men overcome all the challenges that stand in their way?


As a football game, the gameplay of Blue Lock: Blaze Battle is not too different when compared to games of the same genre as the winning team will be the team that scores more goals before the match ends. However, the difference and also the unique mechanism of the game comes from the players’ incredible actions. After storing enough energy, players can activate each character’s special skills. All promise to create extremely interesting experiences for Blue Lock fans in particular and football fans in general.

In addition to experiencing extremely fiery football matches, players can also try their hand at being a manager by building their own dream team. From the most basic tasks such as recruiting players to developing their skills, stats or managing facilities, etc. Not only that, players can also lead their own squad into battle. with other players in pvp mode to become the best and win many valuable rewards.

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