Black Moon Fist God opens Closed Beta: ‘Climb’ PVP in your own way!


Black Moon Fist Godan Anime-style mobile action role-playing game, with high-speed Hask&Slash combat skills from NPH Dzogame will officially open Closed Beta with reset at 12:00 today (October 12, 2023). The game will launch simultaneously in 6 countries in Southeast Asia including: Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. During the 5 days of the Closed Beta opening, Vietnamese gamers will have the opportunity to interact and compare skills with Southeast Asian friends on the same single server.


Warriors, are you ready to embark on a dramatic adventure in the mysterious story of the Black Moon? Challenge your fighting abilities with unique skills, while enjoying the uninterrupted excitement of real-time PvP battles and discover countless top-notch Hask&Slash skill combos . In Black Moon Fist, you will freely participate in the battle with your own style and legendary weapons. Don’t miss the chance to experience the ultimate Anime-style Action-RPG game of 2023!

Join and experience intense hack-and-slash battles with many types of weapons to choose from today

Link to download the game for Android devices
Link to download the game for IOS devices (Testflight)
Link to download the game for APK devices

Besides experiencing the exciting activities and features available in the game. When participating in Closed Beta, warriors also have the opportunity to pocket many valuable rewards for characters during the Open Beta period from NPH’s unique series of events such as:​

  • Level Challenge: When the character reaches level 35, warriors will receive 5 weapon vouchers, 250 Dark Stars and the title ‘CBT Hero’ during the Open Beta period.​

  • Top Power Race: Participate in the competition to win the title of Power War Champion to own SSR items and 1000 Dark Stars by upgrading your character to become stronger. The 100 accounts with the highest combat power will receive character rewards in Open Beta.​

  • Huge Promotion up to 500%: During the Closed Beta participation period, all recharge packages will be refunded 100% in Open Beta. In addition, when the character reaches the cumulative milestones as prescribed in the event, the warrior will receive Dark Stars worth up to 500% in Open Beta. In particular, warriors will possess the exclusive title ‘Premium Hero’ when the character reaches the specified milestone.​

A series of super exciting events in Closed Beta that players cannot ignore

For those who have not participated in the pre-registration activity on the website, don’t miss it! Because Black Moon Fist God gives away free random weapon tickets and lots of Dark Stars. Not only that, if the registered number reaches the specified number, warriors will have the opportunity to receive SSR weapons when the game officially launches!


Register early on the Website and immediately own a ticket to shoot weapons.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating story of Black Moon and the cool PK scenes with this new generation horizontal screen action role-playing mobile game today. Don’t forget to follow and update the latest news about Black Moon Quyen Than at​

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