Benedict Cumberbatch spoke for Era of Conquest, officially launched globally on October 27

“Era of Conquest”, developed by 4399 Games, has just announced the legendary Hollywood star Benedict Cumberbatch has officially joined as the global spokesperson for the world exploration strategy game, and debuted a brand new trailer starring him! Fantasy cooperation will bring more exciting game experiences to global players.


Spokesperson—Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch, known for his excellent acting and profound character portrayals, is the detective Sherlock Holmes famous in “Sherlock”, also Dr. Strange loved by the audience in the “Avengers” movie series. His participation will inject infinite vitality into “Era of Conquest“, while leading players to explore this strategic and adventurous game world.

The game’s trailer features Benedict Cumberbatch

In the game’s trailer, Benedict Cumberbatch plays a completely new role, transforming into a mysterious interdimensional man summoned from the future, on the continent of Terra, where heroes compete for dominance and civilizations intertwine. Meanwhile, he became acquainted with the generals of all sides and researched solutions to the chaotic conflict. The sound of the Viking horn echoed throughout the sky of Gaul, the Desert King ambitiously conquered the Holy City, Doanh Chinh – the king of unifying China, raised his long sword and marched into the distance. Who will lead the world? Does this lead to ultimate victory?

As a global spokesperson, Benedict Cumberbatch has always been known for his versatile acting skills and intellectual image. He fits very well with the theme of the game “Dare to think, dare to do”. Era of Conquest, flexible tactical thinking and absolute strength are essential factors to reach the peak of glory.


Please join Benedict Cumberbatch in pre-registering

Pre-registration for the global game “Era of Conquest” is now open! Benedict Cumberbatch invites lords from all over the world to attend the civilized party. Participate in pre-registration to receive rewards such as 6-Star Generals, large amounts of Gems… depending on your choice, there is still a chance Win rich big gifts!

Pre-registration Page:
Pre-register on the store:


Launching globally on October 27! Huge battlefields, many civilizations, diverse strategies!

After three years of careful preparation, “Era of Conquest” will officially launch globally on October 27. This world strategy game that has opened with tens of millions of users in China is available in 83 countries. countries and regions around the world on App Store, Google Play, App Gallery and PC, bringing rich game experiences to global players.


9 major civilizations, your choice! Players will experience a completely fair game environment in the game. Recruiting is automatic and free, without any paid resources. Through the limited relationship between weapons and reasonable skill selection, cooperate with allies to apply unexpected tactics to defeat enemies, build your own civilized kingdom, enjoy the experience Strategic combat in many of the purest civilizations.

With the support of new SPR and DOTS technology, enjoy real-time battles of 6,000 people on screen on a large battlefield of 120KM*120KM with top quality graphics!

  • Introducing 4399 Games

4399 Game is a global game development and operation researcher, with the business motto of “creating happiness”, in recent years, the company has been committed to developing mobile games, with more than 10 million Global users, always persistent with the goal of creating good quality games that suit the tastes of players everywhere.

Let’s follow more information about “Civilization and Conquest”

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