Being exposed, the game company threatened employees like gangsters

As you know, Blizzard is currently standing on the edge of the storm after the scandal sexual harassment and gender discrimination However, it seems that is not all. Recently, this company continued to be sued for unfair labor practices and intimidation tactics against employees.​


CODE-CWA, a digital workers rights and labor organization, filed a lawsuit against Blizzard on behalf of A Better ABK. A Better ABK is a group formed by Blizzard employees to fight to improve working conditions at one of America’s largest game publishers.

A Better ABK revealed that when Blizzard employees publicly discussed the unreasonable salary gap in the company and asked the company to end discrimination, they were immediately “terrorized”. Blizzard threatens, harasses, warns, and monitors to prevent these employees from reporting and fighting. In its lawsuit, A Better ABK requests that Blizzard immediately terminate arbitration clauses in all employee contracts, both current and future, to create the fairest working environment. .​


Last July, the state of California sued Blizzard for creating and tolerating a culture of “persistent sexual harassment.” A Better ABK was created during that time and symbolizes the long-standing struggle of its employees. Blizzard has not yet commented on this.

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