Being attacked by hackers, LCK had to use “Sun Tzu’s Art of War” to organize the tournament

As you know, LCK Spring 2024 has entered Week 6 with dramatic matches. However, things are not going very well as the tournament continues to suffer DDoS attack. This incident caused the match between DRX and DK to be continuously postponed and lasted for more than 7 hours, while the match between BRO and KDF was forced to be rescheduled.

Game 1 between T1 and FOX continuously had to Pause Game

It was thought that everything would end here, but yesterday afternoon (February 28), politeness repeated itself in the encounter between T1 and FOX. According to plan, this match took place at 5:30 p.m. However, during the match, the players continuously encountered network errors, leading to the match having to be paused several times. It wasn’t until 8pm that the first match between T1 and FOX ended with the score in favor of the defending world champions. Meanwhile, the second match will be postponed to another day, all spectators are watching the match at LOL Park had to sadly leave with regret.

But just a few hours later, fans suddenly received news that T1 and FOX had finished playing game 2, the game had been recorded and would be broadcast at 22:30, also 0:30 on February 29. Korean time – the time frame when hackers and even fans are probably sleeping peacefully. It seems that the organizers had to use the “East to attack the West” strategy for both teams to “fight secretly” without an audience to avoid unpleasant disruptions from hackers.

Player Gumayusi waves to the audience (now there are only empty seats left)

In addition, all remaining matches in Week 6 will take place in a pre-recorded format instead of being open to the audience to watch live as currently. At the very least, this ensures that teams will have a smooth playing time and not have to wait in vain like the past few days. Hope LCK can quickly fix this problem so audiences can return LOL Park, accompanying the players in upcoming important matches.​

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