Be careful, “revenge on life” games have appeared, allowing women to assassinate their husbands to get insurance money

On a beautiful starry evening, Veronica Villensy was sitting on the deck admiring the view with her husband, Malcolm. After deceiving Malcolm by pointing towards the side of the boat, where a group of dolphins were said to be swimming, Veronica took the opportunity to push him into the sea. Yes, the incredibly sensational opening act of Overboard! Instead of investigating and hunting down evil people like many other games, in Overboard, you will be the villain, who is trying to whitewash herself from the murder of her husband in order to claim the insurance money.

Set on the ship SS Hook en route to New York in 1935, the player will play the role of Veronica, a sinister girl who plans to kill her husband to collect the insurance money in the hope of enjoying a comfortable life alone. in U.S.A. Malcolm has now “slept” with the fish and you will have to find a way to avoid suspicion and safely escape crime the next day.

Overboard’s duration is not long, only a few hours of play, so every choice you make has a huge impact. Waking up in your cabin the morning after committing a brutal crime, it’s time to meet the people on board and determine if anyone saw you last night. There are many different areas on the SS Hook to explore, each passenger has their own itinerary and how you handle each encounter can help or hinder your escape. When the clock runs out, you are summoned to the ship’s restaurant to clarify what happened to your husband. This is the moment that decides whether you can successfully collect the insurance money to enjoy your new life in America or not.


For example, on the first day you wake up, you can go to the cabin of a passenger named Clarissa. Standing outside the door listening, you knew she was crying – just what caused Clarissa to cry so pitifully? While chatting, you discover that Clarissa saw her husband fall off the deck. The opportunity is here! By pretending to be worried, you successfully escape suspicion and Malcolm is said to have committed suicide. However, the key point here is: suicide means not having insurance money. The story clearly cannot stop here. You have to find someone to take the blame and Clarissa seems like a good choice.

You try to push all the blame onto Clarissa, but just when everything is about to end peacefully, you suddenly receive a threatening letter from another passenger. Someone witnessed the entire plot to murder your husband and is now sending blackmail letters, or else everything will be exposed. Every day that passes, the more people you meet, the more clues and opportunities you have to get away with it.


You will constantly have to think about how and who you can take advantage of to whiten yourself and get a huge amount of insurance without any trouble. From planting evidence of a crime in someone else’s cabin to creating your own love scandal,… there are countless interesting things to do and explore every day.

Unique ideas, interesting options and simple yet impressive hand-drawn graphics, Overboard is highly entertaining and well worth a try. The game has now been released for PC, Nintendo Switch and iOS.

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