Appota was honored as ‘Asian Inspirational Brand’ at APEA 2023

“Inspirational Brand Award” is an award category reserved for businesses whose product or service brands inspire or positively influence the community and are trusted by consumers and the public. choose and support.

Ms. Bui Thi Hang – Human Resources Director Appota at the Awards Ceremony APEA 2023

Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2023 (APEA 2023) is the Asia Pacific Business Awards held annually since 2007 in 17 countries and markets across Asia, honoring businesses and leaders with outstanding achievements in the region. sector with outstanding qualities and achievements, building successful businesses while creating good values ​​for the community. With the theme “Asia Recovery – Seize the Opportunity”, through official platforms, APEA 2023 encourages Vietnamese businesses to take advantage of new vitality after the pandemic and sees this as an ideal time to promote Encourages growth and recovery.

According to the APEA Organizing Committee, Appota is considered a typical model for startups and one of the leading businesses in capturing emerging experience trends for Vietnamese youth. For more than a decade, Appota has been one of the typical startups recognized by prestigious organizations, communities and media units for its inspirational startup story.

In addition, Appota is always actively engaging with the community through organizing seminars and publishing market research reports. These documents not only provide useful information for Vietnamese businesses but also provide valuable insights for international investors and partners from countries such as Korea and China. , Japan and Singapore.

In particular, APEA is really impressed with Appota’s culture that symbolizes the spirit of embracing diversity, youthful enthusiasm and willingness to innovate. Focusing on young people, choosing a “fun – young – inspiring” corporate culture as a strategy to conquer and nurture people, is something that more than 500 Appota members are always proud of when talking about core values. core, cultural values ​​and youth of the company. This is the key that helps Appota be talked about as a bright spot in entrepreneurial spirit and pushes the company to achieve ambitious business results. At the same time, this strategy helps Appota become a business model for young people looking for work opportunities today.

Since its founding, Appota has been a prominent company in Vietnam’s innovative startup scene, especially in the wave of mobile startups with an ecosystem of more than 50 million users. . Up to now, Appota has gone through 4 successful capital calls from investors from Vietnam, Singapore, Japan and Korea. Appota includes 6 member companies: Gamota (Game publishing company), Adsota (Advertising service company), OTA Network (Multi-channel network), AppotaPay (Digital payment & Fintech solution company), ACheckin (Human resources management solutions company) and Kdata (Cloud computing solutions company).

Appota – Entertainment technology company honored with the “Asian Inspirational Brand” award in 2023

Prize “Inspirational brand “Asia” is not only an important highlight in the journey of spreading the Appota brand but also a strong motivation for the company to continue implementing the mission “Technology for change” and aiming to become an “ecosystem”. entertainment” in Southeast Asia.

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