AOV Creator Premium League Final – The most unique comeback in history

After tough matches, each group selected the two strongest teams, including Lord Immunity led by DK Monkey and Kill Virus led by commander Hao Sua in Group A. Along with that, Group B also had the presence of of former player Anh Ma as the leader of the Anti-Bacterial Team and the unique lesson plans jointly compiled by Teacher X with the Disinfection Squad members. There was no surprise in the first match when Lord Immunity, considered the strongest in group A, crushed teacher X’s team with a score of 3-0.

But this was a great day for Group A when Kill Virus also had a victory over Group B’s giant, Kill Bacteria, the result of the second fateful reunion with DK Monkey’s team in the branch match. win. And with the above defeat, Anh Ma and Teacher This is their only chance to participate in the grand final


However, once again history cannot be changed as the final results in the past have been recreated in both the winning and losing matches. Although they failed in the match to have a chance to go straight to the final round from the winner’s bracket, Destroy Virus still participated in the final with a “back door” ticket. They excellently overcame the team “with the same family and different name” “Kill Bacteria” in a difficult way. With the arrangement of fate in the loser’s bracket, Anh Ma once again defeated Teacher X’s team and accepted 3rd place as well as losing the last ticket to the final battle.


“If you’re too late, you’re too busy”, this is called a fateful game of chess when two names that are no longer strangers to each other continue to appear in the final decisive battle. From the group stage to the competition in the winning bracket, Virus Kill all lost to the Lord of Immunity. This is the last chance for Hao Sua and his teammates to clear their grudge. Will Kill Virus write a new page in history or will Lord Immunity set an ending like many previous ones?

With great determination while carrying an extremely heavy feud, the Anti-Virus team entered the game extremely decisively and coherently, helping them gain the upper hand with a score of up to 4-0. Even though he had a smart move when he secretly ate the Evil God very early, the Immunity Lord was still heavily “snowballed”, up to 5k less than the enemy team at the 14th minute. But with composure and some very good team calls from captain DK Monkey, Lord Immunity still showed his toughness. They exploit even the smallest mistakes from the opposing team to gradually close the money gap, waiting for the right opportunity to counterattack. Under great pressure, the players of the Anti-Virus team could not keep a cool head. And whatever happened happened when they made a fatal mistake, which was not calling in enough troops when taking a defensive stance in front of a forced fight from the War God of Destroyer. With effort and cunning, DK Monkey and the entire Lord Immunity team took a 1-0 lead.

It seemed like there was a mental decline from the Anti-Virus team, but at the beginning of game 2, they continuously had to exchange lives to gain the initial position. But with the excitement still simmering from the comeback in the previous game, Lord Immunity is increasingly far away from the opposing team in terms of money and kills. They did exactly what their enemies had done to them before. But Virus Removal also did its role very well like in game 1. They waited for the main forces to hold strong late champions like Lu Bu to have enough items. The end of the game is a series of moves to push the enemy team’s position from both teams as they continuously make mistakes. But it takes a long time to know a good horse. This time, Hao Sua and his teammates gave DK Monkey a bitter taste similar to what Destroyer Virus experienced in game 1 and brought the final score to 1-1.

It was thought that when psychology was high, Destroyer Virus would have dominance in the next games. But it seems they flew too high, their feet were no longer on the ground and the forehand options for the team’s main players were banned. Kill Virus had a long fall in both the 3rd and 4th games when they were overwhelmingly defeated by the Immunity Lord. The championship is only 1 win away from Lord Immunity when the score is 3-1 after 4 games.

However, surprise came, thinking that Lord Immunity would be crowned king after the 5th game, they once again had to accept what they had done to their opponents. The scenario of the 5th and 6th games is a copy of the 3rd and 4th games, the only difference is that the two sides replace each other. DK Monkey’s team was too subjective, leading to constant errors in moves and combat. Taking advantage of that, Bac Troc and Destroy Virus punished the enemy and brought the AOV Creators Premium League final to the deciding game. In this final game, both sides will reset the previous ban picks so that everyone can show off their strength in the most complete way as well as stand on the podium in the most convincing way.

In this decisive battle, Lord Immunity showed signs of crisis when they were just one step away from winning the championship but let the opponent catch up. On the contrary, with the excellent performance of the whole team and the soaring spirit along with the lessons learned throughout the past season, Destroyer Virus had a strong entry and very good snowball. Without the immaturity like the first game, combined with the decline of the Immunity Lord, Baldy and Virus Killer have an extremely emotional comeback. Not only is it a grand final, this is also sweet revenge at the AOV Creators Premium League tournament.

With that glorious victory, the MVP of the tournament was none other than Bald Boy – a young boy with extremely excellent skills and thinking who, together with the Anti-Virus brothers, reached the pinnacle of glory in the tournament.

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