Akai Onna – “The woman with the deformed face followed me home”

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Title horror game Akai Onna, literally “Red Woman,” follows a Japanese student renting a room in a deserted town. One day, on his way back home after studying late at the library, he accidentally met a girl in a red dress walking the wrong way. There would be nothing if not placed on top of her hot body and short skirt is a strange and spooky face.

The girl grinned, revealing jagged teeth and a smile stretching from ear to ear. Feeling strange but still continuing, he soon put thoughts about the girl out of his head and quickly went home. Laying his back on the temporary folding bed in the room, he fell asleep because he was tired… not knowing that in the apartment next door two bodies were lying in a pool of blood.


Akai Onna simply a title indie games with simple gameplay. Controlling the main character from a first-person perspective, the player will lead the student through extraordinary events during three of the darkest days of his life. More about exploration and experiencing the plot, Akai Onna does not put too much emphasis on puzzle or action elements. But perhaps what makes Akai Onna so scary that it’s hard to breathe is the dark and heavy atmosphere like someone is always punching the player in the chest.

Wearing graphics that are as blurry as a grainy television, Akai Onna’s vision is always an opaque darkness, making it impossible for players to know what lies ahead on the road. Indeed, this effect will make some gamers feel uncomfortable, but thanks to that, Akai Onna brings the image of an old Japanese horror movie like Ringu or The Grudge.


Not only that, the unnamed town in the game is also terrifyingly quiet, completely killing the usual quietness of the streets. No sounds of shops, no people talking, no wind or birds… it was all just death. On the contrary, the sound of footsteps or the sound of a door closing resonates strangely far away, piercing the quiet space like a bell ringing revenge for someone’s soul.

All the ghostly things in Akai Onna’s image and sound have created a short but extremely haunting experience, ready to devour the soul of anyone who feels strong enough to face the girl in the dress. red.


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