AI Limit – New Soulslike role-playing game with an appearance similar to Nier Automata

AI Limit To be Action role-playing game Coming soon, combining fighting styles Soulslike with word image design Nier Automata. And this game will likely deliver some of the most exciting boss battles of 2024.


Set in a distant future world, where humanity is threatened and everything is devastated, players will take on the role of a warrior on his way to find a new life. The game has a setting borrowed from familiar post-apocalyptic stories. Essentially, society collapsed after several ecological disasters and wars. Nature cannot recover after a few centuries and worse, a destructive substance called Mud is spreading across the land.

The trailer showcased the game’s dilapidated environments, familiar-looking sword swings, and some awesome bosses. Some bosses are simply “warriors who have lost themselves and turned into crazy beasts”. This means AI Limit promises to have some tragic backstories, associated with extremely satisfying matches.

The boss lineup featured prominently in the trailer includes a mechanized centaur, a flying dragon capable of opening a black hole to absorb everything, and a towering machine hanging from the side of a building. . In addition, the trailer also features regular humanoid bosses, using thunder hammers. Boss battles will be very interesting if AI Limit’s combat element can be on par with other Soulslike games.

AI Limit needs to make great efforts to meet players’ expectations after 2023, around the time of the release of quality Soulslike games like Lies of P, Lords of the Fallen or Remnant 2. AI Limit is expected to release in 2024 on PC and PS5. Interested readers can learn more information about the game here.


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