After the disaster The Day Before, the Gotovtstev brothers are launching a new game project


In the same week the server of The Day Before discontinued, many sources have reported that the CEO of the infamous game is developing a new game. According to the CD-Action site, two founding members of the developer Fntastic – brothers Eduard and Aisen Gotovtsev – is said to be already planning its next project. This information comes from a conversation with a former employee of the studio, who claims that his bosses shared that they were looking for teammates to start working on a new mobile game.

According to the source, the type of mobile game the brothers are aiming for is still being kept secret amid the controversy over The Day Before. CD-Action page said the Gotovtsev brothers sent the offer to all employees “as if nothing had ever happened”, including those who were fired.

This is not the only source reporting on this mobile game project. YouTube channel iXBT Games posted a video explaining the entire The Day Before controversy while also sharing quotes from some of the team behind the game. iXBT Games also announced that the Gotovtsev brothers are preparing for a mobile game and that some developers have decided to join the project despite what happened with The Day Before.

The above reports released in the same week server of The Day Before closed permanently on January 22 – just 45 days after the game launched. Less than a week after release, Fntastic revealed that the game was a financial failure, causing the studio to close.


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