After returning from prison, his girlfriend gave him a PC Gaming system worth nearly 70 million. This is the number of young people who benefit the most this year

In recent days, the world gaming community has been discussing the “heartwarming” story of a user on Reddit with the name Drooshietywhen he shared with everyone his life story.

The story started when he posted a picture of himself happily spending time with the group PC Gaming Great, the picture is very normal, but its caption is what we’re discussing today: “I just got out of prison, I’m so excited to return to the gaming community.” The fact that Drooshiety spent 4 years in prison but still maintained his eternal passion for online games is not too strange, but when he revealed that this system was bought by his girlfriend, it surprised everyone.

Drooshiety happily held the PC his lover bought as a gift.

Specifically, when Drooshiety was released from prison, this “legendary” girlfriend swiped her card and immediately spent 3,000 USD (nearly 70 million VND) to buy her lover the best PC Gaming system possible so he could reintegrate into the community, rediscovering the passion that had been put aside for the past 4 years.

The reason for being arrested, Drooshiety said, was impulsive when he was young, so he participated in an armed robbery in the state of Michigan (USA) and had to pay for this mistake with 43 months of his life. After being released from prison and having the girlfriend of his dreams, this lucky guy promised to focus on playing the game and working hard to make up for his lover.


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