After 30 years, someone has finally “destroyed” the game Tetris

Title puzzle game famous Tetris has been around for over 3 decades and during that time, gamers have had many ways to end the game. The most popular of which is clearing four rows of tiles at the same time, which in itself is a big challenge for most Tetris players. However, recently, a gamer took the concept of “beating Tetris” to a new level when creating a “kill screen”.

“Kill screen” occurs when the player reaches a certain level causing the game to crash. The person who accomplished this feat is none other than 13-year-old player Blue Scuti. According to page 404 Media, Blue Scuti is the first “human” to be able to force a classic NES game to have a “kill screen” – a feat that previously only AI could do.

Blue Scuti became widely known in the Tetris community in December 2021 at just 11 years old. Throughout 2023, the boy also won many Tetris tournaments. He posted a video “defeating” Tetris on his personal Youtube channel on January 2. It can be seen that during the game, the boy still made some mistakes but in the end still created a miracle after 38 minutes of intense competition.

404 Media points out, Blue Scuti uses the “rolling” technique, which means players will slide their fingers along the bottom of the NES controller instead of the “super speed tapping” gameplay popular today. That allows him to press the D-pad at least 20 times per second instead of 12 times as before.

In an interview with the World Tetris Championship Youtube channel not long ago, Blue Scuti said the biggest difficulty he faced was nervous tension after about 30 minutes of competition. However, he remains steadfast in maintaining his leadership position and inspiring others. Blue Scuti further shared that breaking this record is to commemorate the boy’s father – who passed away last December.​

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