After 10 years of passionate fans criticizing the game for being corrupt, Blizzard turned around and scolded it without hesitation

In the community World of Warcraft in particular and MMORPG in general, Asmongold is a familiar name. Having been together since the early days, the affection and enthusiasm that the male streamer has for WoW is undeniable. But recently, MMOs Blizzard’s top players continuously disappointed him, eventually, Asmongold was forced to leave and switch to play Final Fantasy 14. However, it’s not that simple.


Asmongold’s expression of disappointment and criticism of the deterioration of World of Warcraft has caused a lot of controversy in the community, the root of which comes not from gamers, but from Blizzard developers themselves. This case, along with the abuse scandal, sexual harassment is making the company reel in scandal.

Although this is not the first time Asmongold has publicly objected to Blizzard’s way of working, perhaps the trigger for this whole drama started with a post by the male streamer on May 9, criticizing World of’s updates. Warcraft, that the game is no longer the same as before, instead of trying to improve the experience, the developers only know how to siphon and suck the blood of players.

In July, an account believed to be a Blizzard employee blamed Asmongold, saying that it was the male streamer’s statements that divided the WoW community and caused heavy losses in the company’s sales. Asmongold of course found this extremely ridiculous, even the community felt that these could not be the words of a Blizzard employee. It wasn’t until Adam Holisky – Blizzard’s Production Director – blatantly commented on Twitter, calling Asmongold an “asshole” (originally: “That guy is an asshole”) that the story broke. Although this comment was quickly removed by the owner, it could not escape the hands of netizens and of course it reached Asmongold’s ears.


Then, in the second half of July, Blizzard’s sex scandal broke, and the state of California is now suing the company for discrimination and harassment of employees in the workplace. Asmongold now said he fully supports the victims against Blizzard.

Asmongold is certainly not the only person who has negative feelings about WoW recently, but Blizzard’s criticism of him is because he is a big streamer who has a great influence on the community. According to Asmongold, up to now, the World of Warcraft developer has no longer spent time, energy and money investing in the game and fighting harassment. After all, he has already given up on WoW, so now he doesn’t worry too much, just hopes to get out of this scandal soon and focus on playing games.

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