After 10 years of development, Squadron 42 has finally moved into a new phase


Squadron 42 is considered the single player part of Star Citizen and CitizenCon This year it was confirmed that the project is entering the final development phase through deep dive video. Star Citizen is a game that has a number of features that have never been seen in recent years. Star Citizen continues to release updates that expand its already ambitious scope.

The game, which has raised more than 500 million USD from the community, still does not have an official release date. This is the highest-valued video game project of all time, far surpassing the expensive budget of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Cloud Imperium Games invested heavily in the development of both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 – the famous single-player campaign starring a cast of Hollywood stars such as Gary Oldman, Jillian Anderson and Mark Hamill.

Although Squadron 42 was originally scheduled to release in 2014, the Star Citizen spin-off has been delayed so many times that players are wondering if the game will actually arrive. However, at this year’s CitizenCon, director Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games have given fans the most detailed look at Squadron 42’s development in years with a 20-minute deep dive video. From cutscenes to gameplay, Squadron 42 is much more polished than before, even though the game still doesn’t have a release date.

Chris Roberts confirmed that Squadron 42 has entered the final stages as the development team has shifted its focus to optimizing and refining the game’s feature list. However, the gaming community is still very cautious when discussing Star Citizen. Even though the franchise has deployed groundbreaking technology like Persistent Entity Streaming, the game has been in Alpha since 2015. Star Citizen’s release date may be a few years away now, but the developers have shows that Squadron 42 is a step closer to the experience they promised Kickstarter backers more than a decade ago.

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