Afraid of his wife, male gamers secretly buy game consoles in the middle of the night, causing the shipper to be misunderstood as a crook

While for many gamers, console. console nice gaming machine is an extremely necessary device to serve entertainment needs, to their wives, this is just something that is both useless and expensive. To avoid unnecessary conflicts, many players decided to buy a console but hide it from their wives, even disguising it as an “air purifier”. The male gamer in the story below also acted similarly, however things not only did not go as smoothly as expected but also caused a series of misunderstandings.​


Qianjiang Evening News reported that a Chinese man secretly bought a console from his wife. So that his wife wouldn’t find out, he made an appointment with the shipper to deliver the goods at midnight. When he arrived, just follow the signal and he would know and go out to pick up the goods.

Following the customer’s wishes, the shipper waited until late at night to come to the apartment to deliver the goods and was seen by Ms. Vuong who lived there. Seeing a strange man carrying a black box wandering around the apartment hallway for a long time, and even deliberately imitating the sound of a cat meowing, Ms. Vuong thought she had encountered a bad person and reported it to the police. guard. Security immediately ran to the place to check and discovered that this was just a delivery staff doing his job.​


According to the shipper, the male gamer ordered a game console during the big sale on June 18, but because he wanted to hide it from his wife, he scheduled delivery late at night. Moreover, that person did not allow him to call or knock on the door, but used the cat’s meow to signal to each other to avoid his wife’s suspicion. However, the shipper completely did not expect that it would cause the neighbor, Ms. Vuong, to panic and alert security. Coming to this point, the gamer mentioned above probably won’t be able to hide the fact that he bought a game console from his wife anymore, it’s truly “too clever to be clumsy”.

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