Admire the series of “hot” Chinese Game Trailers at the Bilibili festival

Last night at an event dedicated to technology and video games, Bilibili announced the latest trailers of a series of games that have been and are about to be released in the near future. Let’s see with GameHub what’s notable about this event:

Fairy Sword Ky Hiep 7

Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 7 is an action role-playing game developed by Softstar Technology. The plot revolves around the fairy world where all three worlds exist: humans, gods, and ghosts. Here, ferocious beasts invade the human world, slaughtering everywhere, people suffer unspeakably, the major cultivating sects are powerless, they can only rely on the formation to barely resist the ferocious beast’s attack…

Beheading Demonic Action

Slaying Demons is a monster extermination game from independent game developer Wildfire Game. The game is set in a time of chaos when monsters raged and persecuted people. Players can choose to play as Luc Van Xuyen, a disciple expelled by the Thuong Son Sect, or Ha Hau Tuyet, a young woman with half the bloodline of the Demon Clan.

Thien Menh Ky Ngu 2
Thien Menh Ky Ngu 2 is set in the Northern Song Dynasty. After the royal court and the Northern powers signed a peace treaty, conflicts at the border had subsided, conflicts in the Northwest had not yet formed, and traders People from all over the country flocked to Bien Luong to trade and develop the economy. The player will play the role of Zhuge Yu, a teenager who must both find a way to find the enemy who killed his father and bear the responsibility of fulfilling his father’s will.

The Light of the Darkness

The Light of the Darkness is an action game inspired by myths that is loved by many readers. The game is set in a cursed land, where light and darkness intersect. The player will play the role of a mixed-race child with the blood of both worlds, not subject to the constraints of either gender.

Bright Memory: Infinite

The Grotto Diary

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