Admire Ghost of Tsushima’s top moves recreated in real life

Recreating moves and moves in games in real life is not strange to the gaming community. Recently, Japanese swordplay expert and actor Toru Uchikado entertained fans with battle scenes of the 2020 action blockbuster. Ghost of Tsushima.

Jin Sakai – the main character of the game, is a samurai who has been practicing swordsmanship since he was a child, so martial arts movements with katana swords are an important part of Ghost of Tsushima. This is also the main content that Toru Uchikado wants to simulate. Not only that, he also invited Daisuke Tsuji, the face prototype for the character Jin Sakai, to join the challenge with him.

Because he had not learned swordsmanship before, Daisuke was still quite clumsy. However, under the guidance of Toru Uchikado, he successfully completed the Swordbreaker or Flurry Strike attacks, which is commendable for a novice because of his control. Finding a katana is not an easy task. However, this video also makes many gamers “disillusioned”, perhaps due to the lack of catchy sound effects as well as the movements not being as agile as in the game, some players feel that these moves are simple and “difficult”. “alum” is much better.​


Developed by Sucker Productions, Ghost of Tsushima received countless compliments for its excellent graphics, engaging gameplay as well as top-notch combat. Last month Ghost of Tsushima also released a Director’s Cut version for PS4 and PS5, taking Jin Sakai to a strange location with completely new enemies.

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