A young Japanese man was arrested for breaking into his ex-lover’s house to steal…a game console

According to Soranews24, recently a man Japan 34 years old, living in Chitose city, Hokkaido province, was arrested for sneaking into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment in Sapporo to steal a game console. Nintendo Switch this girl’s.


At the investigation agency, the man admitted his illegal behavior. However, when he confessed his motive, he said it was not because he wanted to take away the joy of playing Smash Bros of the girl, that’s why I did it. In fact, it’s because she borrowed money from him when they were still dating, but until now, even though they broke up, she still hasn’t paid it back. “She hadn’t paid, so I stole the Switch to cover some debts,” the young man told police when he said he intended to sell the game console at the second-hand market.

It is known that the break-in happened in June, but it was not until September 25 that this man was arrested. The press also reported that this was not the only time he snuck into his ex-lover’s house. Previously in May, he was caught red-handed performing the same act and took away his girlfriend’s wallet and house keys before she had time to change the locks. Police believe he gave himself a spare key so he could freely enter and exit the apartment.


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